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Why choose paper pen interactive teaching?


Why choose paper pen interactive teaching?

Paper pen interactive teaching is a kind of teaching method based on the combination of internet system and smart writing pad, this helps to make teaching expression become more lively, and also can improve teaching quality.

Ugee-paper pen interactive teaching smart writing set

Firstly, Shenzhen UGEE Technology Co.,Ltd provides application experience of mature systematized teaching information technology. We provide handwriting teaching solutions, teacher can use digital handwriting pad and systems software to create micro class; and use teaching system to communicate with paper and pen freely express in the classroom; share teaching research record by using paper pen interactive system, paper pen interactive system include two kinds of terminals, one type is teachers terminal, the other type is student terminal, teachers can use this terminal to have classes about test paper composition, go over examination papers and comment teaching intelligently by using UGEE digital handwriting pad, students can use this terminal to finish homework, self-study and improve study ability and efficiency intelligently by using our smart writing set. 

Ugee-paper pen interactive teaching smart writing set-1

Traditional teaching mode is one-way teaching mode, paper pen interactive teaching breaks the shackles of traditional teaching mode, achieving to capture teachers and students' handwriting and display it on the screen synchronously. Comparative interpretation, comments, interaction, and real-time sharing make the class more interesting and effective.

Ugee-paper pen interactive teaching smart writing set-2

Paper pen interactive teaching mode changes the traditional teaching mode, can be applied in class, such as group discuss, communication, which helps to improve efficiency during classes, and helps to design more activities to make the class more lively and vivid.

For example, group study is not like the class discussion, we use paper pen interactive teaching method to achieve the projection function, teacher and students can share observations and questions together, and team communication data can be saved automatically and shared digitally. No need to worry about the group study and discussion data loss, it can also help teachers to check students' study efficiency.

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