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UGEE will attend HKTDC Autumn Edition

UGEE will attend HKTDC Autumn Edition

UGEE will attend Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from October 13th to 16th, 2018.

UGEE signature pads, smart writing sets and interactive flat panels, which are based on EMR digitizer module technology, The basic principle is to transmit electromagnetic signals through an electromagnetic pen and interact with the electromagnetic sensor board behind the display screen. When the electromagnetic pen is close to the touch screen, the electromagnetic induction board behind it, which contains an array of horizontal and vertical antenna will sense the signal from the pen due to magnetic flux change, electromagnetic pen, with pressure sensitivity, which can capture accurate handwriting easily and conveniently.

CS01, ET04, ET05 digital handwriting pads, which can be applied in schools, such as interactive class, smart classroom, distance education, etc. By adopting EMR technology, your ideas can be recorded, captured and shared easily. And the shape is folio type. We have digital writing clipboard, real paper pen, and pressure-sensitive pen with normal ink provided, and you're allowed to write on nature paper, the handwriting will be captured, digitized and shared. Take the traditional art of handwriting into the digital world.

CS03, CS04 handwriting pads are designed and suitable for gaming, such as OSU, Fruit Ninja, LinkGame, etc. They can act as mouse, whose movement speed and sensitivity control are super great, the active area is much smaller than computer monitor, and the area is scaled down according to the computer monitor. They are easy to control and play.

CS06 and UG05 are professional signature pads. There are bundled software and SDK and Demo can be provided for development. The pads offer a very natural and comfortable handwriting experience. The space resolution of 2540 LPI and pressure sensitivity of 2048 levels allow an accurate signature capturing. Customer may download the UGEE Signature software toolkit and install it on the Windows PC. The toolkit license is free forever. 

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