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The trend of paperless interaction


Why the paperless interaction is an inevitable trend?

First of all, technology and hardware system tend to be developed to provide the precondition for the development of paperless system. Secondly, for the reasons that it is environment-friendly and can reduce costs related to paper processing, scanning, archiving, storing and transporting , paperless system has become a hot topic all over the world in recent years. Finally, the efficiency of administration has been improved by paperless interaction, which highlights the charm of "political experts and people".


Notation system

UGEE has focused on the handwriting edit and sign paperless system with the core technology of electromagnetic induction since 1989. Paper and pens are used in the traditional meetings, while the technological breakthrough in the information age is to maximize the hand-written meeting experience of participants, so that each participant can present in the paperless meeting terminal like annotating and revising paper documents.

Our products cover personal digital drawing, art education, digital handwriting education and digital signature. Our application is widely used in education and finance, business halls, insurance, paperless and office automation, government affairs, hotels and other industries. UGEE's rich product lines include: original handwriting tablet, handwriting pad, handwriting learning machine, and handwriting computer. These products help people digitally transform their handwriting while still writing naturally on paper.


Market and service:

After 20 years of market validation, UGEE's products are highly recognized by consumers, and have become the leading handwriting brand in the domestic market. We have sales offices in more than 30 provinces across China. Our products are popular in international market as well; we have established sales offices in United States, Japan, India, Spain, etc. We have partners China mobile, China Unicom, China telecom, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Lenovo, EPS, etc. UGEE is committed to provide good devices for system integrator partners who are looking for hardware supplier.

We aim to become the digital handwriting product and service leader in the global market.

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