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The role of wisdom education in future education


Looking at today's education mode, compared with the early 21st century, it is not difficult to find that paperless operation has become a trend. The development of modern electronic technology has brought multimedia equipment into classroom teaching and changed the traditional teaching methods fundamentally, the wisdom education began to be known.

Wisdom education is based on intelligent teaching terminal, handwriting board, teaching system, multimedia platform and the whole classroom decoration project. It cooperates with computer network technology to realize multimedia digital lectures and changes the monotonous and boring traditional teaching methods.

Intelligent education tends to use technology to learn in an interactive way and promote communication and collaboration between teachers and students.Compared with traditional teaching, intelligent education can better solve the inherent disadvantages of education at present and meet the development needs of education in the future.

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With the development of society, education in the future will be constantly changing with the progress of science and technology. In the era of transforming into digital education, UGEE keeps thinking how to better enable teachers and students to interact in class. With the help of UGEE interactive flat panel,instead of writing on a blackboard using chalk, instructors use digital pen (stylus) and write on handwriting tablet or pad. Original handwriting will be synchronized and displayed on a larger projector or electronic whiteboard.Students use digital handwriting tablet or pad to answer questions or quizzes. Instructors can choose answers randomly from one or multiple students and display the answers on a larger screen for further commenting or explanation.Software running at the backend server can collect and check student answers in real time and produce static analysis, and send feedback to instructors for further improvements in classroom lectures.

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