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Paperless signing, a new way of working


Paperless signing, a new way of working


In recent years, the automatic office facilities have been gradually improved and upgraded, and the utilization rate of computer in the management position has reached 100%, which provides the hardware foundation for the Paperless signing. Due to the continuous upgrading of the office modes in various industries, as well as the acceleration of modernization and information construction, the paperless signing has been gradually applied to multiple industrial fields. This time, we will analyze in detail how the new work style of paperless signing will bring convenience to your work.

1.What is the paperless signing?

Paperless signing means the way of working in a paperless office environment without handwriting on paper, Paperless office requires hardware, software and communication network to achieve. In the paperless signing, the hardware is an indispensable important element, the computer and terminal equipped with the original handwriting input technology of UGEE (electromagnetic screen with electromagnetic pen) , business office users can use these hardware to complete key applications such as electronic document signature, annotation, and modification. The professional graphic design user does not have to use the pen to draw the draft on the paper, and the original handwriting input terminal can be operated on the computer. The front window industry can easily and efficiently complete applications such as information entry through the combination of electronic screens and electronic pens.

2.What are the advantages of paperless signing?

  • It's easy to use, same as reviewing and signing documents on paper, You don't need to learn the cumbersome keyboard input method, you can easily work without paper;

  • The workflow is more streamlined, and the department's operational efficiency is improved while responding to the national call for energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection;

  • Perfect support for Microsoft Office software, you can directly annotate and sign through the inking handwriting function;

  • Signature and annotation functions are implemented on various other office software through interface calls;

  • Enhance collaboration, through multimedia software, employees and partners or with customers to conduct various project demonstrations to promote mutual understanding;

  • Provides driver-level secondary development services with standard data transmission methods for high security.

3.The practical application of the UGEE signature pad


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