AD-Signature Pad-Ugee
AD-Signature Pad-Ugee
lcd writing tablet, writing tablet, paper tablet-Ugee AD-Signature Pad-Ugee lcd writing tablet, writing tablet, paper tablet-Ugee

Why Us

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    Industry Experience

    Founded in 1998, we have over 21 years of

    industry experience.

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    EMR Technology

    Owning more than 60 EMR (Electromagnetic Resonance) related patents, such as battery free and 8192 pressure sensitivity technologies.

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        Research and Development

    We have R&D centers in shenzhen and Taiwan. The R&D team consists of 20 hardware engineers, 20 software engineers and 12 structural engineers.

AD-Signature Pad-Ugee
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    UGEE’s manufacturing process complies with 5S management system and we're ISO9001 certified, produce around 2 million handwriting products annually.

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    UGEE has sales centers in Shenzhen and sales & support offices in the United States (Los Angeles and Boston), Japan (Tokyo), Spain and India.

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    What we can do for you?

    UGEE can provide standard or customized OEM/ODM products based on our patented EMR technology, and can also provide handwriting hardware module to be integrated or embedded into your product. 


Products Show

We have a variety of products to meet your needs, such as Electronic Signature, Digital Handwriting, Interactive Flat Panelsignature and EMR Handwriting Module.


Electronic Signature Tablet

CS06 for Signing

Electronic LCD Signature Pad UG05

10.1 inch IPS Screen Signature LCD Tablet

with Fingerprint UG101T

13.3 inch PS Screen Electronic

Signature Pad UG1330

A5 Size Bluetooth Digital

Handwriting Tablet ET05

21.5 inch IPS LCD Screen Digital

Handwriting Pad Monitor UG2150


Our digital handwriting products, electronic signing products, smart interactive displays and handwriting modules are widely used by our business customers in smart classroom, paper-less business transaction, banking, office automation, government affair, etc.


Handwriting and signature capture devices, based on EMR(electromagnetic resonance technology), are super popular in the exhibition.


Factory And Certificates

We have achieved an integrated manufacturing process in product development, design, manufacturing, quality control, packaging and shipping. This process helps us produce around 2 million handwriting products annually and bring quality products to the global market quickly.UGEE owns more than 60 EMR related patents. In the past 20 years, we have made remarkable achievements in EMR technology which our products are developed based upon.

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AD-Signature Pad-Ugee
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