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Electromagnetic screen


Basic principle

Use electromagnetic pen with panel induction to create a magnetic field.



Early application is portable IT product technology. Electromagnetic waves can be broadcast by using a stylus rather than fingers, and the stylus' position on the upper of screen can be got via receiving device, then can be located. Until now, the application expands to mobile and tablet area, as electromagnetic screen structure is simple and easy to input character by handwriting, and also can be integrated with other touch screen, so it is very popular. For example, some companies adopt electromagnetic screen with capacitive touch screen together, use electromagnetic screen to achieve handwriting, and capacitive touch screen to achieve graphic operation. And some companies adopt electromagnetic screen with multi-touch screen, and also many GPS, net books, MIDs can be applied with electromagnetic screen.



Electromagnetic screen panel, with high light transmittance, high resolution, quick response, with Z axis induction function, can be applied to drawing, handwriting, etc. No need to touch the screen directly.

Electromagnetic stylus with high precision, the handwriting function can be used to draw a line, remark, record, this function has been applied in many eBook readers, and electromagnetic module is also very flexible, can also work with software monitor.


The location can only be sent by electromagnetic emission with stylus. So for eBook readers, the screen can be operated with electromagnet touch, can not be operated by hand directly. For resistive touch screen and capacitive screen, the larger the screen size is, the higher the cost will be. However, the larger the size of the electromagnetic screen is, the lower the cost is. In general, if the screen is 10 inch, 8 inch, or smaller, resistive touch screen and capacitive is better, and for the 8 inch, 10 inch, and larger-sized screen, electromagnetic screen is better, the price is much more favorable.


UGEE electromagnetic electronic signature pad and stylus pen, can be applied in various areas, such bank, hotel, hospital, insurance, office, etc. With paperless and innovative environmental protection idea, our products are very popular among customers.

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