E In the past, we need to use a traditional pen to sign on the paper in order to confirm or to approve the contents of the document. 

As the world develops, there is an urgency to sign the documents electronically in a paperless way.

UGEE invented the passive electromagnetic handwriting technology and introduced products to transforming the traditional signature to digital handwriting and signature while can still make people writing and signing naturally.

UGEE digital handwriting and signing products are widely used in the following areas.

Office Automation

In the OA environment, staff members need to electronically sign a large number of electronic documents.


In the banking business, customers electronically sign documents or transaction records to complete the confirmation process.


During hotel check-in and check-out time, customers need to confirm some paper work. Digital signature will not only speed up the process, but also eliminate the need to print paper.

Other Industries

we could design, develop, manufacture and ship the customized products according to your specific requirements.

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