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A Good Assistant in Paperless Office


Since the computer has emerged and become universal a few decades ago, people kept imaging what the future working environment would look like, and many of whom envisioned “paperless office”--workers in each field send messages, get information, reach a deal and finish tasks without the presence of physical documents. Nowadays, we do take a huge step towards paperless office, but there are some troubles coming out, which can be fixed by UGEE’s products and solutions.


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Many business people found that they can save a lot of space because daily physical documents can be transmitted into digital form, but they still need to deal with a huge number of contracts and agreements in paper form. Besides, office workers gradually lose the original handwriting experience and become robot-like human beings. Additionally, when they need to sign and reach a deal with clients overseas, it is time-wasting and less efficient to sign on a paper-form contract.

However, UGEE's digital signature pad can be a great helper. In the past, we need to use a traditional pen to sign on the paper in order to confirm or to approve the contents of the document. UGEE invented the passive electromagnetic handwriting technology and introduced products to transforming the traditional signature to digital handwriting and signature while can still make people writing and signing naturally.


In OA environment, staff members need to electronically sign a large number of electronic documents.


Our digital signature pads not only can be used in modern office environment, but also can be introduced to many other sectors and situations such as health-care industry, insurance industry and so on.uploads/www.ugeetablet.com/images/15344764373425.png

When conducting personal business in the mobile communication business hall, customers need to confirm quite a few forms. Ugee’s digital signature products are used to complete the electronic signing, thus streamline the confirmation process.

When dealing with banking business, customers electronically sign documents or transaction records to complete the confirmation process.

During hotel check-in and check-out time, customers need to confirm some paper work. Digital signature will not only speed up the process, but also eliminate the need to print paper.

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